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准教授 野村 M. 慎一郎 Shin-ichiro M. NOMURA


NOMURA M. Shin-ichiro received his B.S. degree from theShizuoka University (1997), M.S. degree from the Nagoya University(1999), and Dr. of Science degree from the Kyoto University (2002). He then spent five years in Tokyo Medical & Dental University as post-doc and Research Associate Professor (junior). Next, he spent three years in iCeMS, Kyoto Univ. (2008-2011). Then he joined the TOHOKU University. He is now also a researcher of JST PRESTO (Structures and control of interfaces).

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Twitter: SMNomura
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Construction of Artificial life models in this real-world.
Membrane protein expressing/functioning in cell-sized liposomes,
Yet-Another-Cell engineering (RNAV)
Artificial cellular network


These works are supported by JST PRESTO. And also were supported by JSPS Biomanipulation, JSPS Gakujyutu-Sousei(18GS0421).
I have supported iGEM kyoto challenge. Forza! ...How are you doing, iGEM TOHOKU?



  • [大学院講義] 分子ロボティクス基礎(分担)
    • 第7-13回
  • [学部全学科目] 基礎ゼミ(分担)

Curriculum Vitae

NOMURA, M. Shin-ichiro
Date of birth: August 30th 1973.
Place of birth: Shiga, Japan.
Nationality:   Japanese.

Education and experience
1997  Graduated, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University, Japan.
1997-1999  Master course, Graduate school of Human informatics, Nagoya University, Japan. (Master of Arts and Science)
1999-2002 Doctor course, Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Japan. (Doctor of Science).
2001-2002  JSPS Research Fellow (DC)
2003 JSPS Research Fellow (PD)
2003  Research Associate Professor (Junior), Center of Excellence Program for Frontier Research on Molecular Destruction and Reconstruction of Tooth and Bone, Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
2008-2011 Program specific researcher (WPI), Institute for Integrated Cell-material Sciences(iCeMS), Kyoto University
2011 to date Associate Professor, Molecular Robotics Laboratory, Department of Bioengineering and Robotics, Division of Mechanical Engineering, Tohoku University
2008 to date Researcher of JST PRESTO (Structures and control of interfaces).

Special field of research
Applied biophysics, Self-organization on nonlinear-nonequilibrium systems, Artificial cell model

Research carriers
“Research for Self-organization of cell-models consist of membrane and polymer” Nagoya Univ. (1997-1999)
“Research for long DNA packaging in the coexistence of phospholipids and Mg2+ ions” supported by Sasagawa science & technology foundation. (2000-2001)
“Research for spatio-temporal mm scale patterns in an aqueous media” Kyoto Univ. (1999-2002)
“Research for autonomous molecular machine model driven by polymers phase transition.” supported by JSPS research fellow (2001-2003)
“Novel DDS design by soft-nanotube networks”, supported by JSPS grant for young scientist (B) (2005-2007)
“Construction of artificial-cellular network”, supported by JSPS Scientific Research of Priority Areas “System Cell Engineering by Multi-scale Manipulation” (2006-2008)
“Novel variable DDS transformation with liposome membrane phase-separation”, supported by JSPS grant for young scientist (A) (2007- 2009)
“Designing and evaluation of novel self-organized nano-biomaterials of artificial cell-model” Tokyo Medical & Dental Univ., 21st COE project (2003-2008)
“Membrane protein synthesising/functioning liposome as an artificial cell model” JST PRESTO (2008-2012)

The Chemical Society of Japan, The Biophysical Society of Japan,
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan, The Japanese Society for Biomaterials.

Best paper award at IEEE International Symposium on Micro-Nanomechatronics and Human Science (2006)
Best presentation award (young scientist) at Tokyo Medical & Dental Univ. 3rd IBB Biofuture Research Encouragement Prize (2005)
Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency Awards (2nd prize).

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